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How to Use Motorized Shades for Home Security


Make It Look Like Someone’s Always Home!

Did you know motorized shades can help improve your home’s security? And we don’t mean providing privacy when you need it (although that’s important, too!). 

With motorized window coverings incorporated into your smart home system, you can program shades to raise and lower at various times throughout the day, mimicking the appearance of an occupied house. And by syncing your shades to smart lighting, both will work together to create a convincingly occupied house. 

Read on to learn how motorized shades and a smart system work to benefit your Toronto, ON, home! 

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Control Across the Entire House 

A smart home controller like CrestronSavantElan, or a smart lighting system like Lutron connects all your motorized shades to a single interface. That means across every window and room, you can control shades and drapes right from your phone, tablet, wall keypads, or with a voice assistant. 

You’re free to group windows into rooms or control the entire house simultaneously. So, if you’re leaving the house for the day, you can lower the shades across the whole property with one press of a button!

Access & Automate Away from Home 

Do you feel nervous leaving your house dark and vacant for an entire weekend, week, or longer? You don’t have to worry anymore. Even if you’re away from home, you can activate smart lighting and shading from your mobile device. At your command, lights turn on and drapes close in real-time!

You can also automate shades and lights to follow a schedule so that throughout the day, they activate at various hours. Your house will always look occupied while windows upstairs and downstairs are illuminated with shades set at varying levels. If any burglars scout your neighbourhood, they won’t think your house is an easy target. 

Whisper-Quiet Motors 

If your shades are set to a schedule, they won’t disturb your daily activities while you’re home. High-end motorized shades by brands like Lutron and Crestron run on whisper-quiet motors, so even while they’re raising or lowering, they won’t be a nuisance. 

Canada’s New Window Covering Regulations 

Motorized shades improve safety beyond preventing burglaries. The recent Canada Consumer Product Safety Act is enforcing new regulations against corded window coverings. To prevent strangulation hazards, window shades with looped cords are no longer permitted to be sold in Canada.

If you have children or pets at home, consider replacing your corded window coverings with hands-free motorized shades for a safer experience. 

Discover Motorized Shades in Toronto 

If you’re ready to upgrade to motorized shades or would like to learn more about the technology, Connect E3 is Toronto’s smart home expert. 

Contact us here for any questions you may have or to get started on your installation today!

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