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Stage 3 for Home Automation Installations: The Finishing Process

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What to Expect in the Final Stage of Your Smart Home Installation 

We’ve made a plan and discussed your budget. We visited the house and drafted system designs. Now it’s time to put your smart home into action. 

In the third and final phase of a home automation installation, we’re wiring the technology and programming the system to your unique preferences. Here’s what you can anticipate for your Toronto, ON home! 

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Step 1: Run Wires & Build the Network 

Before the walls are finished, we’ll install the necessary cables and boxes. This is also known as the ‘rough-in’ stage. No devices are connected yet; we’re laying the wiring groundwork for your whole-home system. 

Step 2: Post Rough-In

About 12 weeks before occupancy, once plumbing and electrical rough-ins have also been completed, we’ll inspect our work to ensure everything is done according to code. 

Step 3: Final Review & Confirmation of Products

We’ll run the technology by you one last time before we mount and install planned devices. If we need to make any changes, this is the time to do it. 

Step 4: Equipment Orders & Installation

We’ve ordered all the audio, video, smart lighting, HVAC, and control panel devices. Now we’re finally installing equipment and connecting them to the network. 

Step 5: Programming Completed System

Now for the fun part. We’ll program your smart home system to group devices into rooms and zones that you’ll swipe through on your tablet or phone. We can program specific lighting scenes, like a cozy dining atmosphere, that you’ll activate with a tap on custom wall keypads. This is where we make the smart system all yours!


Start Your Project Today 

If you’re ready to kick off a home automation project, contact our smart home company in Toronto at (705) 735-4595 or fill out our contact form here to learn more.

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