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A Smart Lighting System Isn’t Complete Without Motorized Shades


Add Smart Window Shades to Your Existing Lighting System 

Do you already own a smart lighting system? Aren’t you in luck! Not only do you have complete control over your lights’ color and brightness, but you can also save scenes and schedule lights to follow a routine.

But controlling LED lights is only half of the equation. What if you could manage and automate natural light in your Toronto, ON home, too? 

By integrating motorized shades into your automated lighting system, you’ll add even more convenience, comfort, and energy savings to daily life. Plus, with Canada’s recent ban on corded window coverings, now is the perfect time to switch to motorized shades. 

Read on to learn how to incorporate motorized shading in your lighting control system.

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Control Shades Alongside Lights 

How do you currently control your smart lights? Through an app on your phone, tablet, or by pressing customized wall keypads? Motorized shade controls can be integrated into the same system, so from your existing lighting interface, you can raise or lower shades across the house—even if you’re away from home! 

Both wired or wirelessly, we can integrate motorized shades, blinds, and drapes to connect to the same lighting system. So, whether you’re in bed starting the day or returning home at night, you always have access to your window shades. 

Custom Lighting & Shading Scenes 

Once shades are added to your lighting system, the magic can begin! You’re free to create personalized lighting and shading scenes that create a specific atmosphere for activities or times of day. 

Imagine a “Night” scene that dims the lights, adjusts the hue to a warm, golden tone, and lowers the shades for privacy. You can automate scenes to occur independently, too, so after sunset, the “Night” scene will activate. 

Or consider an “Away” scene that instantly powers off all your lights and lowers the shades. You can get creative with a “Party” scene that sets lights to fun colors, opening the shades in certain rooms for the view and closing them in other windows.

Also Compatible With… 

Don’t be afraid to dream big with your smart lighting and shading. They’re also compatible with popular voice assistants, including Amazon Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, and You can automate lights and shades alongside thermostats, audio, and video, and it all can be merged into a single smart system that controls it all. 

Contact Connect E3 here to learn more about motorized shades, lighting control, and how to get started today! 

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