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How to Get the Best Results from Landscape Lighting

A house in the woods with beautiful landscape lighting.

Enjoy a Beautiful Design with Long-Lasting Lights & Smart Control 

Are you looking for something a little more impressive than string lights or a porch light? You can make the most of your Muskoka, ON, home with a professional landscape lighting installation. What difference do the pros make? Find out below. 

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Professional Lighting Design 

A landscape lighting installer knows how to apply ambient and accent lighting to accentuate your home’s architecture, unique structures, trees, and other plants. Lights will blend seamlessly into the property and make your house shine with the striking use of light and shadow. We can also create living areas through lighting by opening the space for dining, playing, and relaxation at night. 

Lights Built to Last 

Cheap landscape lights often last only a season or two. And once they fail, you’re left to make expensive repairs or replace the entire system. 

But high-end lighting fixtures (available through only certified dealers) are made from quality brass. They’re entirely sealed from corrosion, moisture, debris, and insects. Plus, the air-tight plug and cabling system safely provides power year-round.  You won’t need to cut, waterproof, or splice wiring. 

And while many outdoor lights become blocked by dirt and debris, professional landscape lights are designed to prevent gunk from getting inside the glass. The convex shape dispels debris and water quickly, so the lens stays clear and clean. 

Smart Control 

A professional lighting designer can integrate your outdoor lights into a smart control system that allows you to access lights from a wall keypad, remote, or smartphone app. You can even schedule lights to turn on independently at sunset, selecting specific lights and colour settings. Custom keypads will tell you what switch goes to which lights, and custom settings like “Campfire” or “Dinner” will adjust the lights to your preferred appearance.  

If you’d like to learn more about landscape lighting installations in the Muskoka, ON, area, contact Connect E3 to get started! 


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