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How Do Backyard Speaker Systems Work?


Transform Your Outdoor Experience with Fully Weatherproof Audio

Whether you love electronic, rock, or country music, outdoor audio brings your favourite tunes to every corner of your lawn. From the hammock to the pool, you’ll be able to soundtrack your days in the sun and nights under the stars.

Unlike portable speakers, a backyard system is weatherproof and can stay mounted outside year-round. You can link a series of speakers together to play simultaneously, like your yard is a live music venue.

For the best outdoor music experience, you’ll need to choose durable equipment that withstands the elements—without sacrificing sound quality. To get started with backyard speakers at your Toronto, ON home, let the following steps guide you in the right direction.

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Choose Your Speakers

Through rain, heat, snow, dirt, and debris, you want to ensure your speakers are still thriving outside year after year. At the same time, you want speakers that sound clear and balanced for low-, mid-, and high-range frequencies.

The outdoors is a tricky place for sound control. You can’t treat the air with acoustic treatments, for instance, or soundproof against the neighbour’s lawnmower. As a result, it can be challenging to recreate the high-quality sound you may be used to indoors. But some speaker brands come pretty close.

Manufacturers like Sonance and SpeakerCraft build sturdy, weatherproof speakers that create a robust audio system across your property. You can even connect your outdoor Sonance and SpeakerCraft audio to indoor speakers for a whole-home music experience.

Now, it’s time to choose your speakers. Would you like small satellite speakers that poke out from under plants? Or a powerful omnidirectional loudspeaker with 360-degree coverage? Burial subwoofers provide delicious bass notes, and rock speakers inconspicuously blend in with your landscaping. Both Sonance and SpeakerCraft offer a variety of speaker designs you can mix and match in your system.

Run Weatherproof Cables

To group a series of outdoor speakers, you’ll need a long spool of CL2- or CL3-rated speaker cable. CL2 and CL3 cables comply with electrical standards and withstand even the stormiest weather.

If you don’t like the look of cables strewn across your yard, trenching cables is always an option. Make sure to use cables designed to handle underground temperatures and moisture conditions, then enclose them in a PCV conduit. If that seems like too much work, an audio-video professional can install it for you. Connect E3 builds a reliable speaker network that won’t corrode or wear down.

Connect to a Multi-Channel Amplifier

The amplifier or receiver is the heart of your audio system. It sends power and signals to your speakers, so you can play records, stream from your smartphone, or play the radio across the lawn. If you already own a multi-zone amplifier for indoor use, then the installation is a piece of cake.

We’ll run cables from the speakers into the house, then seal the hole with silicone for airtight protection. From there, we’ll connect the speakers to the amplifier. App-controlled receivers and amplifiers let you select songs, playlists, and podcasts right from your phone. So, while you’re lounging by the pool or campfire, all you need to do is reach for your device, select a song, and let it ring across your lawn.

Music in the Moonlight

Outdoor loudspeakers forever enhance the way you use your patio, porch, and backyard. With careful planning and input from your local AV integrator, the backyard will become your personal haven.

If you’re interested in outdoor speakers in the Toronto area, contact Connect E3 to discuss your home’s needs today. Or ask us a question in the chat box below. We look forward to assisting you!

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