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Make Your Landscape Lighting ‘Smart’ with Crestron


Illuminate Your Home in an Entirely New Way

When people talk about smart lighting, they’re usually referring to wirelessly controlling interior lights. They may use it in the bedroom, kitchen, or across the entire house. But what about outside?

Landscape lighting can absolutely be controlled by a Crestron smart system, and with it, you can do incredible things. We’re here to shed light on how, by partnering with a Crestron dealer, you can intelligently illuminate the exterior and backyard spaces of your Muskoka, ON home. Get inspired below!

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Schedule Lights to Your Routine

Crestron smart systems let you automate when and where your lights turn on. Your Crestron dealer, like Connect E3, will wire and program lights to independently turn on at sunset and off as the sun rises.

If your routine is later on the weekends, no problem! Custom programming can accommodate that. And if the lights automatically turn off before you’re ready, simply open your Crestron app and turn them back on.

Going out of town? Schedule your interior lights – and even your motorized shades – to toggle on and off throughout the day, making it look like someone’s always home. Then, any potential burglars will be tricked into thinking the house is occupied.

Always Return to a Lit House

Not only is it unsettling to come home to a pitch-black house, but it can be hard to see your keys, your things, and it makes the end of the night a hassle.

With a Crestron smart system, you can open your Crestron app before you head home and turn on the landscape lights. That saves you from wasting energy leaving them on all night and will guarantee a welcoming, bright house upon your arrival. 

Set the Mood for Outdoor Parties

If you’re in the yard or patio entertaining guests, create a cozy, fun atmosphere anytime with Crestron. Turn landscape lights on and adjust the brightness and color to fine-tune the mood. Want pink lights by the water and golden hues on the patio? With a few swipes on your phone, consider it done.

Customize for Holidays

Holiday decorating is ten times easier with smart landscape lighting. Drag your finger on the color wheel to illuminate your home in ghoulish purple and orange for Halloween or bright green for Saint Patrick’s Day. Every year, you’ll have the most festive house on the block—and you don’t need to hang up lights!

Combine with Security System

If your security system pings your phone, and you want to check your surveillance footage, it’s no use if you can’t see anything in the dark. Luckily, you can remotely turn on outdoor lights on the same Crestron Home app for a clear view of the backyard. If an alarm is triggered, your lights can flash, too, scaring off trespassers and letting police easily identify your house.  

Crestron smart systems encompass so many areas of your home—from security to thermostats to AV—and, of course, landscape lighting. If you’re interested in upgrading your home’s lighting with smart control, Connect E3 is Muskoka’s premier smart home integrator. Contact us here to discuss your home solution today!

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