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Installing a Home Audio System? Don’t Skip the Outdoors

A house exterior with an outdoor sound system mounted on the walls.

Incorporate the Backyard in Your Whole-Home Audio System 

A whole-home audio system is one of the greatest treats a music lover can give themself. Music synchronizes across the house, easily controlled from a smartphone, tablet, or even wall keypad. 

But what about the backyard? If you’re building a multi-room audio system, don’t think the outdoors is off-limits. You can enjoy the same tunes in the sun or under the stars with outdoor speakers that connect to the indoor audio system.  

Maybe you’re thinking: would I really use an outdoor sound system? And won’t the speakers break in the rain or cold? As an audio-video company in Toronto, we’ll answer your outdoor audio questions below. 

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When Would I Use Outdoor Audio? 

Anytime you like! But really, when you can wirelessly control your music library or music streaming, it’s easy to select a song and play audio over the outdoor system. You’ll feel empowered to use the outdoor speaker system for:  

  • Cookouts
  • Pool parties
  • Dinners on the patio 
  • Audiobook and podcast listening 
  • Outdoor TV audio 
  • Workout videos 
  • And more! 

What Speakers Should I Use? 

The entry point to outdoor audio is often a weatherproof portable speaker. But for something more permanent, you can have outdoor speakers mounted to your home’s exterior. We use durable, high-end speakers that can withstand all weather conditions and extreme temperatures, so your outdoor speakers can stay installed outside all year. 

If your lawn is quite large, you can spread the sound even further with outdoor speakers installed into the landscaping. We trench wires below ground to discreetly blend in with nature. You can choose between large and powerful speakers or smaller and easier to hide models, all playing in unison so you can enjoy your favorite music in the sunshine.  

Ready to make the most of your home this spring and summer? Contact Connect E3 in Toronto to learn more about an outdoor audio installation. We look forward to working with you! 

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