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Your Guide to Multi-Room Audio, Just in Time for the Holidays


Bring Festive Cheer to Every Room Through a Multi-Zone Speaker System

Are you thinking ahead to the holidays? Nothing brings friends and family together like the nostalgic warmth of holiday tunes. This year, everyone will love gathering at your house when there’s music playing through every room. With a whole-home audio system, your place will become everyone’s favorite spot for celebrations!    

What is whole-home audio? It’s a network of connected speakers that can play simultaneously or individually. You won’t have to walk around the house turning on each device and waiting to connect to Bluetooth. With a professional audio system, all you need to do is select the song, press ‘play,’ and your entire house will swell with music.

In this article, we’ll share how a multi-room audio system works and the many options you can bring to your Toronto, ON home.

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How We Build Whole-Home Audio

There are several ways to spread audio across your Toronto house, including wired or wireless connections. One method is to use a multi-source and multi-zone audio receiver that connects to speakers via switches in each room. Another approach is to wire all your speakers to a centralized controller. If you already have computer network wiring in the house, you’ve got a head start! Network wiring can allocate audio to different zones, even extending music to the backyard, patio, and any outdoor area!

Control Your Way  

Whether you’d prefer to use a smartphone app or handheld remote to control your audio system, the choice is yours. From the palm of your hand, you can select which audio zones should play, choose the media source, and adjust the volume. Use a voice assistant? Ask it to play music on the first floor, and it will. We can even install wall keypads that control music, lighting, and shading with a quick press of a button.

From Streaming to Vinyl

Whole-home audio isn’t only for streaming Spotify, Apple Music, or Pandora. You can enjoy the radio, TV audio, vinyl records, CDs, and even cassettes if you’re feeling old school. We can help you build a sound system to encompass all your favorite audio sources, from the news to podcasts to Christmas playlists.

Want Less Clutter? Consider Hidden AV

If you’re unsure where to put speakers and subwoofers across the house, there’s a solution for that. In-wall or in-ceiling speakers by quality brands like Sonance and SpeakerCraft disguise audio behind discreet, paintable grilles. The speakers still deliver robust sound while blending into your interiors. You can go even more incognito with Sonance’s Invisible Series, which places speakers behind the wall entirely while still maintaining high-fidelity sound.  

Multi-room audio is the ultimate home addition for the music lover, the party thrower, the podcast listener, or anyone who enjoys setting the scene for fun and relaxation. Contact Connect E3 to learn more about our audio solutions in the Toronto area.

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