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Why We Love Crestron Lighting Control (and You Will Too!)


What Makes Crestron a Standout in Smart Lighting? 

Lighting has remarkable power over the way we feel. After all, there’s a reason dark winters can bring people down. Bright, cool lighting at home feels right in the morning but may seem uncomfortable and harsh in the evening. Likewise, warm indoor lighting appears stuffy and dim during the day yet creates a cozy atmosphere after dark. 

So why do so many people settle for poor lighting? They may screw in any old lightbulb, even if it’s too bright or dim, and make do with it until it needs replacing again. 

It isn’t so with Crestron. When you use Crestron lighting control in your Muskoka, ON home, you create the ideal ambience for any activity with one press of a button. There are many smart lighting brands on the market, but below, we’ll share what makes Crestron one of the best. 

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Create Custom Lighting Scenes

A Crestron system lets users save custom scenes that can be relived at any time—and even programmed into wall keypads. Rather than merely turning lights on or off, you can press the “Dinner” button to set the scene. Lights shift to a warm golden tone, as overhead lights dim to 10%, the chandelier sets to 50%, and wall lights to 40% for the perfect mood lighting.

Scalable for Any Size System

You can apply lighting scenes and settings across the entire house, select rooms, or adjust a single lightbulb from the Crestron app. Even if you own multiple homes, you can access and customize the lights anywhere, anytime.

Integrates with the Whole House 

Another advantage behind Crestron lighting is its seamless integration with the rest of your technologies. A keypad switch controls not only the lights but also audio zones and heating. You can integrate your third-party devices into the Crestron system, automating nearly any electronic in your house.

Automate Your Shades, Too 

Crestron lighting control isn’t limited to LED bulbs. You can also automate window treatments across your entire house, telling every blind to lower at night through one press of a button. Schedule your shades to raise for the sunrise and descend automatically when glare is its strongest in the middle of the day. You can choose from a variety of fabrics, materials, and styles, even shading skylights and floor-to-ceiling windows. 

Several Ways to Control 

Controlling lights through an app is handy—but it shouldn’t be the only way. What if your phone dies, for instance, or is across the house? With Crestron, there are plenty of control methods for lighting and shading. From touch screen wall panels to remotes, you’re only a tap of a button away from transforming the atmosphere. You can even use voice control! 

Crestron lighting is shown to enhance moods, save energy, and create comfortable environments for any time of day. But because of Crestron’s complex nature, it requires specific skills to program and install a system.

If you’re interested in bringing Crestron to your Muskoka home, contact Connect E3 here! We’re a certified Crestron installer that designs customized systems for Ontario homeowners. We look forward to assisting you! 

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