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4 Ways You’ll Use Remote Access at Home


With Remote Access, Peace of Mind Is Only a Button Press Away 

Are you the anxious type that worries about your house and family when you’re away? You aren’t alone. We work with homeowners from Toronto to Muskoka that are all looking to protect their loved ones and livelihood. And what better way than with remote access technology? 

Remote access security systems let you check in on your house anytime. Perhaps you received an alert from a motion sensor and want to review your cameras’ footage. Or maybe you just want to see if a package has been delivered. Read on to see how interactive security technology will greatly benefit your Ontario home.

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Keep an Eye on the Kids or Pets 

Want to make sure your child walked home from school okay? Are you unsure if you trust your teenage son to stay home alone Friday night? Remote access lets you check in on security cameras through your smartphone, tablet, or computer anytime and view live footage. You can check the status of your home’s lights, thermostats, and door locks from the same app, ensuring the kids are handling everything fine. 

And the pets? You can feel less guilty for leaving the cat or dog home on Saturday by checking in on a camera. A two-way intercom system means you can even call their name if you catch naughty behavior! 

Inspect Security Alerts

Imagine you’re at work or out to dinner, and you receive a notification from your home security system. There’s been motion detected on your back porch. Before you panic, quickly swipe into the app and check surveillance feeds, rewinding if you need to. You might see it’s just an animal on the porch. (Want to reduce those false alarms? Use cameras with video analytics.) If it’s something else, you can call the authorities right away. 

Check on the Weather & HVAC 

You’ve been out all day while it’s started to snow. How does your driveway look? Take a peek via your smartphone app and decide whether you’ll need to call a plow or shovel it yourself later. From there, swipe over to the thermostat icon, and make your home warm and cozy for your arrival. In summer, you can remotely turn on the AC, so the house is comfortable for your return.

Manage Multiple Homes 

There’s nothing better than living in the city or suburbs but having a lakeside house you can escape to at anytime. However, owning a second home presents its own anxieties. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about your summer house during the winter, as remote access lets you check in anytime you want. You can even remotely unlock doors for service staff to come and go, confirming they’ve locked them afterwards, even if you’re far away. 

Are you interested in remote access security solutions in the Muskoka area? Connect E3 is Ontario’s high-end security system installer. Contact our team here or chat with one of our representatives below to get started!

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