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Your Smart Home & Security System Need a Reliable Wi-Fi Connection


Make Sure Your Properties Are Protected and Connected at All Times 

If you had to rate your home’s Wi-Fi network, would you give it five out of five stars? If you’re like most people, probably not. 

Maybe you need to restart the router once a week after webpages stop loading. Or perhaps certain areas of your Toronto house never receive a strong signal to begin with. But today, a low-quality internet connection is more than a nuisance. Because your job, smart devices, and security system rely on your home network, you could be putting a lot at risk if it is inadequate.

Networking is the backbone of all home systems, and without a strong network, it doesn’t matter how fancy your technology is. Below, we’ll dive into how an upgraded home Wi-Fi setup helps you make the most of your smart home and security systems in Toronto, ON.

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Stay Connected Both at Home & Away 

If you own multiple properties, you not only need your devices to work when you’re at home, but you need to be able to check in on your house when you’re away. With a smart home system like Crestron or Elan, you can open your smartphone to monitor or adjust the house’s lighting, HVAC system, shades, door locks, and security system. You can’t view surveillance footage if the network is down! And if the Wi-Fi were to cut out, you might miss a crucial security alert that could put your house and family in danger. Fortunately, your updated home network is always accessible when you need it!

Home Network Fixes 

Sometimes, the best way to enhance your wireless experience is to add wires. That may make you scratch your head—but hear us out! If there are too many devices running on the Wi-Fi network, they may be causing traffic jams as signals travel to your router. These bottlenecks will cause the system to stall and freeze. And if certain floors or wings of your house can’t reach the Wi-Fi signals, hardwiring those areas to the internet will free up space on your wireless bandwidth. 

Alternatively, we can install enterprise-grade hardware like wireless access points (WAP) that help extend the wireless signal further. With a combination of upgraded hardware, firmware, and wiring in certain areas, all rooms in your house can stay connected. A home network installer can design and establish a plan that suits your house’s unique situation. 

It’s 2021. There’s no reason to keep living with unreliable home Wi-Fi! If your house could use a network boost, Connect E3 is the Toronto area’s local networking expert. Contact our team here or chat with us now below for any and all questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

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