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As Summer Ends, Keep an Eye on Your Vacation Home with Smart Security


Manage Multiple Properties Through One Intelligent System 

If you’re heading home from the lake house after Thanksgiving, how can you guarantee it’s safe and sound while you’re at home in Toronto? If your vacation home is dark and vacant for weeks or months, it will look like an X on any burglar’s treasure map. 

But with a robust home surveillance system, you can protect your Ontario property when you’re hours away—and even when you’re asleep! Services like remote monitoring and video analytics ensure everything is fine, even if you can’t check footage or your phone. Here are the security solutions we recommend!

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Upgrade to Smart Lighting 

The first key step in creating a safer home is to automate your lighting. Motion sensors activate landscape lights whenever movement is detected on the property. Outdoor motion can trigger indoor lights to flick on, too, so it appears like someone inside turned on the lights. 

Lights and motorized shades may be programmed to follow a schedule so that every evening, your house looks active and occupied, even if no one’s home. Automated lighting also makes it easier to see security camera footage in the dark and potentially scare away any trespassers. 

Surveillance Cameras with Video Analytics 

If you want to keep an eye on both of your properties, install a series of smart cameras that you can check anytime. You’ll simply swipe open your control system app and select cameras to check live feeds. Activity will also be recorded for playback that you can save and share.

But what if your home security cameras keep pinging you about wildlife running across the backyard? You don’t want anxiety spiking every time your phone beeps—only to find there’s just a groundhog on the porch. 

Luckily, today’s smart cameras with AI video analytics can tell the difference between humans and animals and even differentiate between your family and strangers. Smart cameras let you create virtual tripwires on the driveway, so when a car passes a certain point, you’ll be notified. And if anyone is lingering at the gate for too long, your security system will let you know.

Alarm Monitoring Services 

Smart security is supposed to ease our anxieties and make life easier. So, the last thing we want is for you to fret and worry about missing security alerts. You have a busy life. Let alarm monitoring services manage your home’s surveillance system for you. 

How does it work? Let’s say an alarm or sensor is triggered at your house while you’re away. It sends a notification to your phone. If you don’t answer, a monitoring station receives the alert, and an agent remotely checks in on the situation. If they sense danger through your camera feeds, they call the authorities right away. This takes the burden off your shoulders, so you don’t need to worry about checking your phone 24/7. 

Access Both of Your Homes from One System 

With a smart system like Crestron,, Savant, or Elan, you can access all your home’s lights, smart locks, cameras, alarms, and even audio, video, and thermostats from one system. Just like a smartphone has multiple apps, your smart home encompasses many subsystems, making it easy to manage multiple properties. 

Partner with a Home Surveillance Integrator 

Are you ready to simplify your summer home’s security? Connect E3 is Toronto, ON’s premier smart home and security integrator. We can help design, install, and program solutions tailored to your family’s needs. Contact us here to get started! 

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