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The ‘Smart’ Way to Illuminate Your Home


Discover the Possibilities with Remote Light Control

Remember when we could only use a landline or cordless phone for calls? And when TV shows could only be viewed live? Someday, we may find ourselves saying, “Do you remember when lights could only be turned on or off?”

Dimmers have been around for years, but their capabilities can only go so far. Now, smart LED lights let users customize the colour and brightness of their bulbs directly from their phones. But plug-and-play smart lights are vastly limited. You need to adjust the light every time you turn it on, and you can’t apply automated schedules or scenes for the entire house.

To do that, you’ll need a smart system like Lutron or Crestron lighting that merges all your lights into one ecosystem. Read on to see how remote light control by Lutron will forever enhance the way you illuminate your Toronto, ON home.

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Automatic Atmosphere

Various activities and times of day call for their own lighting conditions. For instance, if you’re relaxing at night with a glass of wine and a book, you don’t want the same bright blue-white lighting you’d use during the day while working.

Smart lighting lets you create custom lighting scenes like “Morning,” “Evening,” and “Party” that adjust a group of lights to your preferred colour temperature and brightness. Schedule your lights to follow the sun’s patterns, so in the morning, lights appear brighter and cool, growing warmer and dimmer by nightfall.

Want to change things up for a party? In just a few taps on the Lutron app, shift your lights to fun rainbow colours for the night. Then save the setting to relive the moment whenever you want.

Control Your Way

Both Lutron and Crestron manufacture wall keypads you can customize to your system’s lighting preferences. Press the “Night” button for your favourite evening settings or select “Hall” for all the hallway lights to turn on. Leaving the house? Press “Away,” and all your lights instantly turn off.

But you aren’t restricted to the walls! Use your smartphone app, tablet, handheld remote, or even voice control to activate your house’s lighting and shading. Already in bed and forgot to turn off the closet light? Tell your voice assistant to turn off the lights or reach for your phone—and it’s done. If you’re away from home, remotely check on lights and toggle them on and off to make it look like you never left.

Don’t Forget Exterior Lighting!

Smart lighting control doesn’t have to stay indoors. Customize and control your landscape lighting the same way you would with interior fixtures. Play with colours on your house for holidays, or schedule landscape lights to automatically turn on at sunset. The possibilities are nearly endless with a professional smart lighting installation.

Are you interested in smart lighting control for your Toronto-area home? Connect E3 is available to service your Lutron lighting system and install Crestron lighting solutions that bring light and life to your home! Contact us here or message a member of our team below to discuss your home project today.

We look forward to meeting you!

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