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Yes, Outdoor TVs Are Fully Weatherproof! Here’s How They Work.


See How SunBriteTV’s Weatherproof Televisions Transform Your Entertainment Year-Round

Staying home to watch TV may not sound like an exciting activity. But with an outdoor television, you can take your entertainment under the sun, stars, or sunset. There’s nothing like a night on the patio with a glass of wine, string lights, and a movie on the screen.

Brands like SunBriteTV manufacture durable outdoor TVs that can stay mounted outside year-round. And unlike indoor TVs, they combat glare and direct sunlight so you enjoy easy viewing during the day. How? As a home technology company based in the Muskoka, Ontario area, we’ll share what you can expect from a new weatherproof television below.

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Outdoor TVs Don’t Need a Covering

Some people wonder if they can skip purchasing an outdoor television and simply install their indoor TV on the porch or patio. Can a standard TV substitute an outdoor display if it’s safe under a roof or inside a cabinet?

No, you don’t want to put an indoor TV outside, as it will likely break or, at worst, start an electrical fire. Indoor TVs are also not bright enough to see well outside (more on that below).

Luckily, SunBriteTVs don’t need any protection whatsoever. The televisions are fully sealed with internal temperature controls and a rust-proof exterior. When it rains or snows, you don’t need to cover the TV or bring it outside. Just like the screens at sports stadiums or outdoor bars, they’re built to stay outdoors with no additional protection necessary.

Not Just Waterproof, But Weatherproof

Waterproof TVs exist, often used in bathrooms, kitchens, or indoor pools where there’s moisture in the air. But a SunBriteTV is much more than waterproof.

Outdoor TVs are also built to perform in extreme temperatures, outlasting even the hottest summers and most frigid Canadian winters. Your SunBriteTV can stay outside in temperatures from -31.1° C to 50° C. Its tempered glass shield safeguards the LED display from the weather while Enhanced Solar Technology protects against sun damage. Outdoor screens are also sealed against dust, dirt, and pollen, unlike most electronics.

Anti-Glare in Sunlight

A SunBriteTV screen has a vastly brighter display than the television in your living room. The Veranda Full Shade Series, which is best in a covered porch or patio, is 50 percent brighter than indoor screens, while the Pro 2 Full Sun Series is four to six times brighter than indoor TVs. Outdoor televisions also have higher contrast ratios, with brighter whites and deeper blacks for more vibrant video quality.

If you’re looking for a weatherproof television in Southwestern Ontario and the Muskoka, area, Connect E3 is your local audio-video destination. We sell and install outdoor entertainment systems, including televisions, weatherproof audio, and landscape lighting. Contact us here to get started on your home today!

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