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Why Lighting Control Is an Essential Part of Home Security


Security Cameras Can’t See Clearly in the Dark, Either!

Motion sensors? Check. Surveillance cameras? Check. A smart system that connects them all? Check.

There’s just one thing you’re missing in your home security system…and that’s lighting control!

Smart lighting is an often-overlooked component of smart home security and safety. But we’d argue it’s one of the most helpful features. Read on to see how lighting control can protect your Muskoka, ON home year-round.

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Someone’s Always Home

What’s a clear target for burglars? A home that’s dark and empty for hours, days, or weeks on end. Luckily, you can use a lighting control system to remotely schedule lights and motorized shades. Lights and shades will activate throughout the day and night, so it always appears someone is home. This is especially helpful in seasonal homes, where you might be away for the entire winter or summer. It will look like you never left!

Integrate with Sensors and Cameras

If you invest in HD surveillance cameras, you won’t benefit much from the video quality if it’s after dark. Even infrared night vision cameras can’t see color if there’s no light on your property. We can integrate your security system with lighting control so that once movement is detected on your property, lights will immediately turn on. We can even program how long lights should stay on, too, so lights don’t snap off too soon.

Whether there’s a person on your lawn or an unfamiliar car in the driveway, automated lights will help you identify the car’s color, a man’s hair color, and other characteristics that help when talking to the authorities. Without smart lighting, you wouldn’t be able to tell.

Check on Property Anytime

What if you want to check on your home at night, even if a sensor wasn’t tripped? Maybe you want to see how your property looks during a storm or ensure a package was delivered. From your smart system’s app, you can remotely turn on indoor and outdoor lights, and then from the same app, switch to your live surveillance feeds. You’ll see crystal clear and will grant yourself peace of mind that everything’s fine at home.

Could your Ontario home use a smart lighting control or home security? Contact Connect E3 here to get started for your Muskoka-area home. We look forward to working with you!

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