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Mix Sonos and High-End Speakers in One Sound System


Ready to Upgrade Your Sound in Certain Rooms? 

We love Sonos speakers here at Connect E3. They’re a great starting point to build a multi-room sound system or take on the go. But if you’re looking for something higher-end, perhaps for the home theatre or living room, you can expand upon your Sonos speaker system with new, high-end speakers.

In this blog, we’ll share where you might want to take your audio to the next level and what premium speakers and equipment to use. In the end, you’ll hear music as though a musician is really playing in your Toronto home or feel like you’re immersed in the action of your favourite movies. Plus, you can still incorporate new speakers into the Sonos wireless ecosystem. Learn how below! 

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Expand Your System with an Amplifier 

Sonos speakers don’t require a wired amplifier or receiver to connect. Instead, they all wirelessly connect over the Sonos mesh network. But if you’d like to include high-tier speakers from other manufacturers in your house, a multi-channel amplifier can connect all of the speakers while allowing groups to play different media simultaneously.

This means you can connect your TV, vinyl, radio, and digital streaming to your sound system and direct different audio sources for each zone. If you’d like your wired speakers from other brands to stay in the Sonos system, Sonos’s Amp can connect to ‘passive’ loudspeakers.

Upgrading with Premium Speakers 

When you listen to high-end speakers, you’ll hear more depth and details than you would over standard models. That’s because they’re built to produce low-, mid-, and high-range frequencies more evenly than lower-end equipment. By adding a subwoofer to your home theatre or listening room, bass notes will rumble and move through the room, drawing you into the music or film. And for a minimalistic appearance, brands like SpeakerCraft and Sonance manufacture in-wall and in-ceiling speakers that deliver crystal-clear sound while camouflaged to the room.

Manage Your System with Sonos 

If you already own Sonos speakers, or if you don’t want high-end speakers in every room, you’re in luck. You can still connect your Sonos speakers to new equipment and take control from your phone or tablet. An AV expert like Connect E3 can build a multi-room sound system and even install wall keypads that control music, too. 

To find Sonos, SpeakerCraft, Sonance, and more in the Toronto, ON area, Connect E3 is your destination. Try out the speakers for yourself at our Barrie location, and contact us here to learn more.

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