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Wired or Wireless? How to Buy & Build a Multi-Room Audio System


Bring Music to Every Corner of Your Toronto Home 

What is multi-room audio? Essentially, it’s a network of speakers in two or more rooms that connect to the same music source. So, whether you’re streaming playlists, spinning vinyl, or playing TV audio, you can hear it across the whole house over several speakers. 

There are several ways to create a multi-room audio system. Some people use wireless speaker bundles, while others prefer to wire their audio equipment to the same system. 

Which is the better approach? In this article, we’ll compare wired and wireless audio to help you find the right solution for your Toronto, ON home. 

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Wireless Whole-Home Systems 

You have Wi-Fi at home, so why not use it to send music to connected speakers and amplifiers? Wireless whole-home systems are undoubtedly easier to install than wired systems. All you need to do is plug the speakers into power outlets and connect them to the Wi-Fi or mesh network. You’re free to move speakers any time, which is convenient if you ever renovate or remodel rooms. 

But be aware that wireless systems are considered “closed,” meaning you cannot mix equipment from different manufacturers. You’ll also need to ensure your home network can adequately handle a whole-home system, and if it can’t, it may need an upgrade. Wireless systems are also generally less reliable than wired solutions. As we’re sure you’ve experienced, sometimes Wi-Fi just doesn’t work as it should. 

Wired Multi-Room Systems 

Today, many people still use wired audio systems for various reasons. First, wired speakers are generally considered to have better sound quality than wireless models. Second, wires and cables are much more reliable than often-troublesome Wi-Fi. 

Some people avoid wired systems because they’re afraid of the sight of wires. But Connect E3 can discreetly hide them. In new-home builds, it’s an excellent opportunity to run data cabling before the walls go up. Music sources can still wirelessly operate from your phone or tablet, even if they’re wired. Plus, wired systems serve all hardware brands equally, so you aren’t stuck with a single brand. Wired is also the smartest approach for in-wall, in-ceiling, and outdoor audio

Hybrid Systems 

You don’t have to choose between wired or wireless—you can have the best of both worlds! By integrating a wireless component like the Sonos amp, you can still wirelessly select songs and adjust the volume from your phone even if your speakers are in a wired system. You’ll enjoy the convenience of remote control while the system hardware is hidden in a utility closet. 

A hybrid system is an excellent choice if you want to mix wireless speakers with wired floor-standing speakers, in-ceiling speakers, or outdoor speakers that require a lot of power. 

Are you interested in multi-room audio for your Toronto home? For help with an installation, connect with our system designers at Connect E3 here. 

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