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New Window Covering Regulations? Smart Shades Are The Answer!


Discover the Convenient Alternative to Corded Manual Shades

As of May 1st, 2021, the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act is enforcing new Corded Window Covering Regulations. To eliminate strangulation hazards associated with corded window coverings, exposed strings and looped cords will no longer be available on window shades.

What does this mean for homeowners? Soon, you won’t be able to find window shades with long strings and loops. While some may have found this an easy approach to window treatments, there’s a much more convenient alternative: motorized shades.

Read on to learn how motorized shades work, what they’ll offer your home, and where you can find them in the Muskoka, ON area.

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The Ultimate Convenience

Mornings are best with natural sunlight flooding your home. But if you have many windows across your house—including floor-to-ceiling or skylight windows—it’s a hassle to raise every shade and pull open every drape.

With motorized shades, you can simply press a button on the wall that opens every covering simultaneously. Or, if you own a smart system like Elan, Crestron, or Savant, you can schedule shades to automatically open in the morning and descend at night, guaranteeing instant privacy. Even if you’re already in bed, reach for your phone and adjust the shades to your liking.

Connect with Other Smart Technology

What if when you turned on your home theatre, the shades lowered automatically, too? Or, as you leave the house, shades can descend while lights turn off and the thermostat lowers?

When automated shades are incorporated into your smart home, you’ll use them in tandem with the rest of your home devices. We can program smart scenes like “Night” that will dim the lights, lower window shades, and even play a nighttime playlist over your whole-home speakers.

Save Energy, Too

Not only are motorized shades hands-free and safer for children, but they’re smarter for the environment and your energy bills. How? Well, when you’re heating the house in winter, warmth escapes through windowpanes. Your heating system has to work extra hard to replenish that warmth, causing bills to increase.

Luckily, honeycomb style shades provide insulation against windows, so when they’re lowered, rooms will stay warmer. And when the sun strikes your windows, heat sensors can prompt your motorized shades to rise and let in the warm sun.

Your motorized shades will help save energy in the summer, too. During the hottest time of day, shades can automatically close to keep rooms cool. You’ll rely less on your HVAC system and create a comfortable environment.

Motorized Shades in Muskoka

If you’d like to swap your corded shades for something more convenient, practical, and safe, Connect E3 is Muskoka’s dedicated smart home installer, offering motorized shades by trusted brands, including Crestron, Atlex, Clara and Shade-O-matic.

Contact our team to get started on your automated window treatments today.  

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