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How Long Do Outdoor Speakers Last?

Two children play on a covered deck while Sonos outdoor speakers play music.

Bring Durable, High-Quality Audio to Your Outdoor Spaces

We install outdoor sound systems that endure all Muskoka weather— from humid summer days to snowy Ontario winters. The premium brands we use are manufactured to defy the elements while delivering the highest quality audio to your favorite songs. 

Yet many homeowners still wonder: how long will my outdoor speakers last? The answer? It depends!

To ensure you’re getting the best experience in outdoor audio, we answer commonly asked questions below.

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How Long Do Outdoor Speakers Last?

Your system’s lifespan will depend on the outdoor speakers you install. There’s a wide variety of outdoor AV technology out there. Most high-quality speakers will last up to twenty years, while some can play for a lifetime. 

Which Speakers Last Longer?

In general, ‘passive’ wired speakers will perform decades longer than ‘active’ speakers. Active speakers include an internal amplifier and can be controlled wirelessly.

On the other hand, ‘passive’ speakers are wired to the amplifier for power and connect over data wiring to the system. Passive speakers’ simplicity correlates to endurance. High-end passive speakers are much more durable, easier to fix, and can last a lifetime. 

What Causes Speakers to Wear Out? 

Outdoor audio may be strong enough to withstand the elements, but it still needs routine care from dust, power surges, and ventilation. Clean your speakers regularly and enlist the help of your local AV integrator for technology checkups. 

Playing speakers too loudly over an extended period can also physically damage speakers. That’s why we recommend installing a series of several speakers on your lawn, so you can play at a lower, comfortable volume and still hear clearly. 

How Can I Install Outdoor Audio? 

If you live in the Muskoka, ON area, Connect E3 is your destination for outdoor AV. We’ll handle the design, equipment, and installation for you, while seamlessly blending speakers into your property’s landscaping. 

Contact us to learn more about our outdoor AV installations and promotions, connect with our team for a no-obligation consultation. 

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