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4 Ideas to Expand Your Living Space Outdoors


Make Your Outdoor Entertainment the Center of Family Fun & Get-Togethers with Friends 

After a long Toronto winter, we all want to make the most of the beautiful, warm weather. So, wouldn’t it be nice if you could take your work laptop or TV time outside? 

With weatherproof home technology, we can now swap our living rooms and home offices for the backyard and patio. As a home technology integrator, we’re seeing more homeowners expanding their living spaces to the backyard, thanks to innovative outdoor technology.

With the best outdoor technology and networking installed, you’ll spend more time under the sun and stars than ever. Read on to discover how a grand outdoor entertainment center with advanced technologies can elevate your Ontario home. 

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1. Spread Wi-Fi Outdoors with Access Points 

If you’re working from home, why not switch up your routine and take your laptop to the patio or by the pool? We help homeowners expand their Wi-Fi coverage with weatherproof wireless access points wired to your network router. By extending the network, you can enjoy speedy internet outdoors and work alongside chirping birds and blue skies.

2. Invest in a Weatherproof TV 

There’s something about fresh air that instantly lifts our spirits. You can take your movie nights, workout videos, video games, and YouTube exploring into the outdoors with a weatherproof and air-tight outdoor 4K TV. The display is ultra-bright, too, so even during the day, you’ll view images clearly with no glare. 

3. Enjoy Music Over Outdoor Audio 

When you own a high-fidelity outdoor audio system, you'll no longer rely on a single portable Bluetooth speaker (that's always low battery!). We build outdoor sound systems with durable equipment that can stay installed outside all year! 

From your phone or tablet, select the outdoor audio zone and play music across the lawn. The more speakers you have in your system, the less likely you’ll irritate the neighbours, too. That’s because with more speakers to fill in gaps, you can keep the volume at a lower level. Your house will become everyone’s favourite destination for parties and get-togethers! 

4. Automate Your Landscape Lighting 

Create a warm, inviting atmosphere in your outdoor space with landscape lighting that highlights your home’s architecture and greenery. By connecting your lighting to the same home controller that connects to audio and video, you can turn on lights with one press of a button and adjust the brightness and colour. Set your outdoor lights to a schedule or dim them as the night progresses.


Are you interested in outdoor technology for your Toronto home? Connect E3 is an outdoor entertainment center with all your audio, video, lighting, and networking needs. 

Contact us here to learn more about our design and installation services. We look forward to working with you!

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