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Stage 4 for Home Automation Installations: Orientation & Training

Stage 4 for Home Automation Installations: Orientation & Training

Get Acquainted with Your Newly-Installed Smart Home

In the first stage of a home automation installation, we get to know you and what you’d like to get out of a smart home. Next, we prepare plans and draft a design for your system. In stage three, we run wires and install technology across the house, finishing the installation process.

What’s next? We never leave clients hanging and unsure of how to use their home automation system. So when you partner with our smart home company in Muskoka, ON, here’s what you can expect for the fourth stage: orientation and training. 

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Final Equipment Review

Once the installation is complete, we’ll walk through all the technology with you. From in-ceiling speakers to security cameras and outdoor lighting, we’ll point out where everything is, so there are no surprises. We’ll show you where new wall keypads and control screens are located across the house for simple home control. 

Training on All Systems 

Home automation allows you to do incredible things—like with one press of a button, adjust the lighting, cue the perfect music, and lower the shades for date night. Our technician, project manager, and sales representative will demonstrate how to use your new smart home and create new commands on the interface. By the end of our visit, you’ll feel completely confident in using your home automation system. 

Support Your Smart Home with a Service Plan

Although a professionally-installed smart home is sophisticated enough to run flawlessly on its own, technology can experience its hiccups. If your automation system isn’t performing as you’d like, we’re only a call away with our maintenance support plans. And if you want to add new devices, update the software, or program new scenes for your room keypads, your service membership will ensure that’s taken care of. 


If you’re ready to bring luxury and simplicity to your home in the Muskoka area, contact Connect E3 or call us at (705) 735-4595 to get started today.

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